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Training Equipment


Bark Box

The Enzler Bark Box is another piece of equipment similar to the Bark Barrel. It was developed by the Swiss in their disaster dog training and serves the same purpose as the Bark Barrel, except that an assistant or the handler has control of when the dog is rewarded, not the victim. This is done by untying the rope in the picture (which is fed through the pulley at the top) and held by the handler at a distance many feet away from the box. The bark box was constructed by Tom Hammond.


Bark Barrel

A primitive, but important piece of training equipment. The Bark Barrel teaches the dog to alert on human scent it can smell but cannot see. When the appropriate number of barks is given, the victim inside the barrel carefully but quickly opens the lid and rewards the dog with a treat or game of tug with a favorite toy. Dogs training for a national standard must bark continuously for 30 seconds at the alert barrel.


Scent Boxes

These blocks were especially made for scent line ups at PR events. The "T" box has scent holes drilled in it with a hinged lid that secures the scent aid inside, allowing us to handle the blocks without coming into contact with the aid. These can also be hidden in a variety of places during training. They are durable and have worked very well for us